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Pinot Heaven 2017
Sat 3rd June @ 2pm

The date is set and we're getting ready for one of our biggest days of the year - Pinot Heaven!

And it's going to be better than ever!

Stay tuned - joing our Facebook events page here - we'll be updating you with the list as it grows.
It usually gets to over 100 beautiful Pinot Noir wines!

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THE LIST SO FAR... (not 100% confirmed and growing every day)


Pinot Heaven 2016 - REHASH
Sat 30th July @ 4pm

In case you missed out on our Annual Pinot Heaven event last month, or if you just want to have another look at the top 10 - we have our first (mini) Pinot Heaven Rehash coming up @ 4pm on Saturday 30th July 2016


Top 5 most popular from Pinot Heaven 2016...

Bouchard Beaune Marconnets 1er CruBurgundy, France2012
Curlewis Bel SelBellarine Peninsula, VIC2013
Pooley Cooinda ValeCoal River Valley, TAS2014
Napa CellarsNapa Valley, USA2012
BannockburnGeelong, VIC2013

And after removing these from the list of 118 pinot noir opened at Pinot Heaven this year

The top 5 staff pics...

The WandererYarra Valley, VIC2012
DexterMornington Peninsula, VIC2015
Satyr FoothillsHawkes Bay, NZ2014
Apsley GorgeFreycinet Coast, TAS2011
VoltumnaTuscany, ITALY2011

Pinot Heaven 2016
Sat 4th June @ 2pm

Our pinot noir festival is on again - and it's going to be better than ever! We will be showing some special finds that we find of great value, some that we just absolutely love, and some we wish we could drink everyday.

The sample wines are still being confirmed, so the following list will start to grow rapidly over the coming week - but the following has been confirmed (although we haven't received all these samples yet so they may change)

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Ventisquero ReservaCasablanca Valley, Chile2014
FreycinetBicheno, Tasmania2014
Two PaddocksCentral Otago, NZ2014
Valli BendigoBendigo, Central Otago2013
Ata Rangi CrimsonMartinborough, NZ2014
Dry River Pinot NoirMartinborough, NZ2013
Jean-Marc Bouley Thomas Bouley Bourgogne RougeBurgundy, France2013
Geantet Pansiot Bourgogne Le Bons Batrons RougeBurgundy, France2012
Faiveley Vosne RomaneeVosne Romanee Burgundy, France2008
Fromm Brancott Pinot
Snake and Herring Wide Open Road Great Southern, WA2015
Curlewis Bel SelBellarine Peninsula, Vic2013
Loimer LangenloisKamptal, Austria
La CremaSanoma Coast California, USA2013
Black CottageMarlborough NZ2014
Yal Yal RdMornington Peninsula, VIC2015
Courabyra 157Tumbaraumba, NSW2010
Nevis Bluff EstateCentral Otago, NZ2010
BannockburnGeelong, VIC2013
Ashton HillsPiccadilly Valley Adelaide Hills, SA2015
Jamsheed Pepe le PinotYarra Valley, VIC2015
AmisfieldCentral Otago, NZ2013
Amisfield 'Lake Hayes'Central Otago, NZ2013
Pike & JoyceAdelaide Hills, SA2013
Te Kairanga RunholderMartinborough, NZ2013
Yarra YeringYarra Valley, VIC2013
WarramateYarra Valley, VIC2013
Portsea EstateMornington Peninsula, VIC2015
Brown Magpie Single VineyardGeelong, VIC2013
Brown Magpie ParaparapGeelong, VIC2013
Curly Flat EstateMacedon Range, VIC2013
Cannibal Creek EstateGeelong, VIC2015
Paringa PE EstateMornington Peninsula, VIC2015
Paringa EstateMornington Peninsula, VIC2012
Rob Dolan White LabelYarra Valley, VIC2015
Apsley GorgeFreycinet Coast, TAS2011
Pooley Cooinda ValeCoal River Valley, TAS2014
Clarence House EstateCoal River Valley, TAS2012
CorkcuttersAdelaide Hills, SA2015
El NinoYarra Valley, VIC2013
Baden HuberGermany2012
Burn Cottage Moonlight RaceCentral Otago, NZ2014
Burn CottageCentral Otago, NZ2014
WaihopaiMarlborough NZ2013
Brodie EstateMartinborough, NZ2011
Franchman's CapCoal Valley, TAS2014
Little Black StoneMarlborough NZ2013
Pear TreeMarlborough NZ2014
Henri de Villamont Savigny-Les-BeauneBurgundy, France2011
3 DropsGreat Southern, WA2015
Petits DetoursFRANCE2013
DexterMornington Peninsula, VIC2015
See SawOrange, NSW2015
Beetlejuice by Wooing TreeCentral Otago, NZ2014
Bress (Silver Label)Yarra & Macedon Ranges, VIC2015
Akarua RuaCentral Otago, NZ2015
AmpelTamar Valley, TAS2015
Domaine ACoal River, TAS2009
TeviotdaleCentral Otago, NZ2011
Manuel Olivier BourgogneBurgundy, France
The WandererYarra Valley, VIC2012
The Wandered Upper Yarra ValleyYarra Valley, VIC2013
Two DegreesCentral Otago, NZ2014
Domain Road EstateCentral Otago, NZ2012
Scotchmans Hill EstateBellarine Peninsula , Vic2013
Pebble BayMarlborough NZ
Cornelius Single VineyardBellarine Peninsula, VIC2011
Marchand TawseBurgundy, France2011
Prancing Horse EstateMornington Peninsula, VIC2011
Hanging RockMacedon Ranges, VIC2013
NintingboolSmythes Creek, VIC2010
Te Hera EstateMartinborough, NZ2012
Te Hera Estate ReserveMartinborough, NZ2011
Bannock BraeCentral Otago, NZ2012
Bannock Brae Barrel SelectionCentral Otago, NZ2011
Oakridge LVS LusatiaYarra Valley, VIC2013
Oakridge LVS WillowlakeYarra Valley, VIC2014
Wither Hills 'Ben Morven'Marlborough NZ2012
Mt Difficulty Roaring MegCentral Otago, NZ2014
Josef Chromy 'Estate'Tasmania2014
Philip Shaw 'Wirewalker'Orange, NSW2015
Seville Estate 'The Barber'Yarra Valley, VIC2015
BabichMarlborough NZ2014
Levantine Hill EstateYarra Valley, VIC2013
Ross Hill "The Pinnacle"Orange, NSW2013
SinglefileDenmark, WA2014
Bouchard Beaune Marconnets 1er CruBurgundy, France2012
Terra Sancta Mysterious DiggingsCentral Otago, NZ2014
Terra Sancta EstateCentral Otago, NZ2013
Hardy's Nottage Hill
Artemis 'The Crux'South Highlands, NSW2014
Lightfoot Myrtle PointGippsland, VIC2015
HuiaMarlborough NZ2013
BogleCalifornia, USA2013
Costanzo & SonsStrathbogie, VIC
Harewood Estate Block DDenmark, WA2015
Holm OakTasmania

Pinot Heaven 2015

20th June 2015

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A massively successful day with hoards of pinophiles enjoying pinot heaven!

Our biggest day yet!  Thank you to all those who attended the event.

We are getting organised with our wines and the list of wines we'll be pouring at Pinot Heaven 2015 is growing.

Here are our top 10 most popular wines of the day (in order of popularity)...


Curly Flat Winery Estate (Macedon Ranges, VIC)
Underwood (Oregan, USA)
Mouton Noir Lieu Dit (Willamette Valley, USA)
Lightfoot & Sons Myrtle Pinot Noir (Gippsland, VIC)
Bass Phillip Crown Prince Pinot Noir (Gippsland, VIC)
Amisfield Estate (Central Otago, NZ)
Faiveley Mercurey 'Le Clos Du Roy' (Bourgogne, FRANCE)
Felton Felton Road Bannockburn (Central Otago, NZ)
Red Claw (Mornington Peninsula, VIC)
Henri de Villamont (Bourgogne, FRANCE)


Look at all the wines we had on show...



6Ft6 2013 Australia - Geelong, VIC
Alan McCorkindale Central Otago 2011 New Zealand - Central Otago
Alan McCorkindale 'Legend Terrace' Single Vineyard 2012 New Zealand - Central Otago
Alan McCorkindale Waipara Valley 2011 New Zealand - Waipara Valley
Alan McCorkingdale 'Chalky' Single Vineyard 2007 New Zealand - Waipara Valley
Amisfield 2011 New Zealand - Central Otago
Bass Phillip Crown Prince Pinot Noir 2012 Australia - Gippsland, VIC
Bellarmine 2013 Australia - Pemberton, WA
Bliss 2010 USA - Mendocino, California
Bream Creek Pinot Noir 2011 Australia - TAS
Bress 2014 Australia - Yarra Valley & Macedon, VIC
Cannibal Creek 2013 Australia - West Gippsland, VIC
Carrick Estate 2012 New Zealand - Bannockburn, Central Otago
Carrick Unravelled 2013 New Zealand - Bannockburn, Central Otago
Clos de la Marjolaine Savigny Les Beaune 2010 France - Burgundy
Cloudy Bay 2012 New Zealand - Marlborough
Cloudy Bay Te Wahi 2011 New Zealand - Central Otago
Cork Cutters 2014 Australia - Adelaide Hill, SA 
Curly Flat Estate 2012 Australia - Macedon Ranges, VIC
Denis Pommier 2010 France - Poinchy, Burgundy
Dexter 2013 Australia - Mornington Peninsula, VIC
Domaine des Chenevieres Bourgogne Rouge 2011 France - Burgundy
Domaine Roy Savigny-Les-Beaune 2010 France - Burgundy
Eradus Awatere Valley 2013 New Zealand - Marlborough
Faiveley Mercurey 'Le Clos Du Roy' 2012 France - Burgundy
Felton Road 2014 New Zealand - Central Otago
Folium 2013 New Zealand - Marlborough
Francois Lumpp Givry 'A Vignes Rouge' Premier Cru 2012 France - Burgundy
Fromm La Strada 2011 New Zealand - Marlborough
Giaconda 2013 Australia - Beachworth, VIC
Grosset 2012 Australia - Adelaide Hills, SA
Ha Ha 2014 New Zealand - Marlborough
Henri de Villamont Bourgogne 2012 France - Burgundy
Joseph Cattin 2010 France - Steinbach, Alsace
Kate Hill Pinot 2011 Australia - TAS
Kooyong Massale 2013 Australia - Mornington Peninsula, VIC
La Crema 2012 USA - Monterey, California
Le Fou "The Madman" Pinot Noir 2013 France - Languedoc
Lethbridge Estate Pinot Noir 2012 Australia
Levantine Hill 2013 Australia - Yarra Valley, VIC
Lightfoot & Sons Myrtle Pinot Noir 2013 Australia - Gippsland, VIC
Lucien Muzard & Fils Bourgogne 2012 France - Burgundy
Merricks Estate 2009 Australia - Mornington Peninsula, VIC
Misha's The High Note Pinot Noir 2009 New Zealand - Central Otago
Mosswood 2012 Australia - Margaret River, WA
Mount Gisborne 2009 Australia - Gisborne, VIC
Mouton Noir Lieu Dit 2011 USA - Willamette Valley, Oregan
Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg 2013 New Zealand - Central Otago
Murdoch Hill 2013 Australia - Adelaide Hills, SA
Nals Margreid 'Mazzon' Alto Adige DOC 2011 Italy - South Tyrol Nalles
Nanny Goat 2014 New Zealand - Central Otago
Neiss Spätburgunder 'Vogelsang' 2012 Germany - Pfalz
Nevis Bluff 2010 New Zealand - Central Otago
Oakridge 864 2013 Australia - Yarra Valley, VIC 
Oakridge Lusatia Park Vineyard 2013 Australia - Yarra Valley, VIC
Oakridge Willowlake Vineyard 2013 Australia - Yarra Valley, VIC
Oceans Eight 2012 Australia - Mornington Peninsula, VIC
Paddy Borthwick - Paper Road 2014 New Zealand - Wairarapa
Paddy Borthwick - Estate 2011 New Zealand - Wairarapa
Parent Bourgogne Rouge 2011 France - Burgundy
Passing Clouds 'Fools On The Hill' 2013 Australia - Macedon Ranges, VIC
Philip Shaw 'The Wire Walker' 2014 Australia - Orange, NSW
Philippe Collotte Fixin 2012 France - Marsannay, Burgundy
Picardy 2012 Australia - Pemberton, WA
Picardy Tete de Cuvee 2010 Australia - Pemberton, WA
Pierre Janny Blagny 1er Cru 2010 France - Burgundy
Pierre Janny Volnay 1er Cru 2010 France - Burgundy 
Pooley Pinot Noir 2013 Australia - Coal River, TAS
Providence 'Miguet' 2009 Australia - TAS
Rabbit Ranch 2013 New Zealand - Central Otago
Red Claw 2014 Australia - Morning Peninsula, VIC
Rowsley Fault Sutherlands Creek 2011 Australia - Geelong, VIC
Satry - Foothills 2013 New Zealand - Hawkes Bay
Satyr 2013 New Zealand - Hawkes Bay
Scorpo Noirien 2013 Australia - Mornington Peninsula, VIC
Seresin Leah Pinot Noir 2012 New Zealand - Marlborough
Shaw & Smith 2013 Australia - Adelaide Hills, SA
Tarrawarra Estate 2013 Australia - Yarra Valley, VIC
The Single Vineyard Phaeton 2013 Australia - Piccadilly Valley, Adelaide Hills, SA
The Sticks 2013 Australia - Yarra Valley, VIC
Tomich Icons of Woodside Pinot Noir 2012 Australia - Adelaide Hills, SA
Trentham Estate 2014 Australia - Murray Darling, VIC
Underwood 2013 USA - Oregon
Whisson Lake La Storia Rosa 2011 Australia - Piccadilly Valley, Adelaide Hills, SA
Whisson Lake White Label 2011 Australia - Piccadilly Valley, Adelaide Hills, SA
Wild Earth Estate 2011 New Zealand - Central Otago
William's Crossing (Curly Flat) 2012 Australia - Macedon Ranges, VIC



Pinot Heaven 2014

17th May 2014

The list of fabulous Pinot Noir we tasted at our 2014 event...

Auntsfield Single Vineyard Pinot Noir
Blauburgunder Pinot Noir
Waipara Hills Pinot Noir
Tertini Pinot Noir
Bathe Pinot Noir
Wimbairi Pinot Noir
Spinning Top Pinot Noir
Pinto Pinot Noir
Merricks Estate Pinot Noir
Bertrand Pinot Noir
Clos Henri Pinot Noir
Toolangi Pinot Noir
Francois Labet Ile de Beaute Corsican
Drumsara Pinot Noir
Marina Pinot Noir
Stable Hill Pinot Noir
Wild Rock - Cupids Arrow Pinot Noir
Wild Earth Pinot Noir (2 vintages)
Murdoch Hill Pinot Noir
Sutherlands Creek Pinot Noir
Eradus Pinot Noir
Rowsley Fault Pinot Noir
Silverwood Estate Pinot Noir
Seville Hill Pinot Noir
del Rios Pinot Noir
Maude Pinot Noir
Bass Phillip 'Crown Prince' Pinot Noir
Eden Road - The Long Road Pinot Noir
Eden Road - Tumbarumba Pinot Noir
Witness Point Pinot Noir
Momo Pinot Noir
Roaring Meg Pinot Noir
Tamar Ridge Pinot Noir
Stonier Pinot Noir
Philip Shaw - The Wire Walker Pinot Noir

Rockburn Ten Barrels Pinot Noir
Terra Sancta Mysterious Pinot Noir
Apsley Gorge Pinot Noir
Lillian Pinot Noir
Castle Rock Pinot Noir
Delamere Pinot Noir
Shelter Bay Pinot Noir
Cannibal Creek Pinot Noir
Caledonia Australis Pinot Noir
Escarpment - Te Rehua Pinot Noir
Giant Steps - Sexton Vineyard Pinot Noir
Super Nanny Pinot Noir
Quartz Reef Pinot Noir
Red Claw Pinot Noir
Yabby Lake Single Vineyard Pinot Noir
Scotchmans Hill Pinot Noir
Tolpuddle Pinot Noir
Centennial Vineyards House Block Pinot Noir
Centennial Vineyards Single Vineyard Pinot Noir
Mayfield Pinot Noir
Giesen Pinot Noir
Miceli "Lucy's Choice" Pinot Noir (2 vintages)
Last Horizon Pinot Noir
Essenze Pinot Noir
Italo Cescon Pinot Noir
Wickhams Road Pinot Noir
Hoddles Creek Pinot Noir
Ata Rangi McCrone Vineyard Pinot Noir
Ha Ha Pinot Noir
Tarrawarra Pinot Noir
Valli Pinot Noir
Chalkers Crossing Pinot Noir
Farr Rising Pinot Noir
Ocean Eight Pinot Noir
Mt Difficulty Pinot Noir
Springvale Melrose Pinot Noir

Saint Clair Pioneer Block Pinot Noir
5 Blind Mice - The Composition Pinot Noir
Byron Pinot Noir
La Crema Pinot Noir
Portsea Estate Pinot Noir
Yarra Yering Pinot Noir
Domaine Cornu Cote de Nuits-Villages Pinot Noir
Domaine Cornue Bourgogne Passetoutgrain Pinot Noir
Warramate Pinot Noir
Urlar Pinot Noir
Mischief & Mayhem Pinot Noir
Lock & Key Pinot Noir
Reilly's Pinot Noir
Coppabella Pinot Noir
Coppabella Crest Pinot Noir
Grasshopper Rock Pinot Noir
Dalrymple Single Site Block CV90 Pinot Noir
William Downie Gippsland No SO2 Pinot Noir
Opawa Pinot Noir
Nuiton Beaunoy Hautes-Cotes de Baeune Pinot Noir
Highfield Pinot Noir
Massoni Pinot Noir
Montara Chalambar Road Pinot Noir
Muddy Water Pinot Noir
Hanging Rock Pinot Noir
Benovia Pinot Noir
Landmark Grand Detour Pinot Noir
Pooley Estate Pinot Noir
Cork Cutters Pinot Noir
White Label Pinot Noir
Le Gris de noir Pinot Noir
La Storia Rosa Pinot Noir
Stonier Reserve Pinot Noir


Pinot Heaven 2013

 Another stunning success. These days just keep getting bigger and bigger. Best yet, the success of today almost gaurantees that Dan will be a happy man which ensures that another Pinot Heaven will happen next year!

See you again in 2014!!!


Another brilliant event with even more interest than last year.

Our selection of Pinot Noir on show extended beyond 80 vineyards
and the feedback was awesome.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to our 2013 event! 

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A huge thank you to the hundreds who came to our annual Pinot Heaven 2011.
It was a roaring success and looks like many of our guests found some new favourites!

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Here is a list of the favourites from the day...

Top 10 Pinot Noir @ Pinot Heaven 2011

Merricks Pinot Noir 2005 (Martinborough)
MacRostie Carneros Pinot Noir 2008 (Sonoma California USA)
Whisson Lake Black Label Pinot Noir 2010 (Adelaide Hills)
Moss Wood Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2008
Clyde Park Pinot Noir 2008 (Geelong)
Farr Rising Pinot Noir 2010 (Geelong)
Whisson Lake Pinot Nero Pinot Noir (Adelaide Hills)
Providence Black Label Pinot Noir 2008 (Tasmania)
Paringa P/E Pinot Noir 2008 (Mornington Peninsula)
Hunky Dory Pinot Noir 2010 (Marlborough)


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