Ampersand Vodka & Soda / 355mL / Can

Category: Spirits
Sub-Category: RTD

Let's be honest, who doesn't love a vodka, soda & fresh lime? 

But why can you only buy one at a bar? 

Tired of scouting bottle shop fridges only to see a wall of colourful sugary drinks with so called 'natural' flavours. Done with carting around a bottle of vodka and bags full of soda water, only to end up with a flat drink.

The lads at Ampersand just wanted vodka & soda!  So they made their own, put it in a can - done!

Add a wedge of lime of whatever you want!

Sugar? Nope, there isn’t any.

Calories? Only 73! 

Our vodka is locally made from regional NSW grain and distilled to the team's high standards. It's activated carbon drip filtered for a super smooth finish. 

Don't be told how to have it, make it your way. The whole top of the can comes off, so you can add whatever you want.

Fresh lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit, cucumber… 

Straight from the insta-worthy can or in a glass with ice.