Ocean Eight Pinot Noir / 2016 / 750mL

Category: Wine
Sub-Category: Red wine

The 2016 Ocean 8 Pinot Noir has a Burgundy hue of blood red to maroon.

There is just a little cloudiness which is an indication that the wine has been bottled without filtration and fining in order to retain as much flavour as possible.

At this youthful stage showing regional characteristics of dark red cherries.

A hint of vanilla and elegant earl grey tea & rhubarb follow through on the palate with soft tannin. The 2016 vintage is a supple, richer style of Pinot noir.

About the Vineyard:

The top 30cm soil profile is made up of 20% sand, 65% silt and 15% clay. These sandy loams are also known as brown chromosols and are defined by their moderate fertility and water holding capacity.

The vineyard is one of the most northerly on the Mornington Peninsula landmass. Yields for Pinot Noir fruit destined for this wine fell between 2.2-2.7tonnes/acre.


The grapes for the Ocean 8 Pinot Noir are received at the winery in March and destemmed into 1-3 tonne fermenters.

Sulphur dioxide is added at 50 mg/l into the fermenter and the grapes are 'cold soaked' for 2-3 days before fermentation.

The juice is fermented at 25-32 degrees Celsius in stainless steel for approximately three weeks until dry.

Once dry, the must is then transferred into the press and lightly pressed into old puncheons (500l) by gravity alone.

The wine is then held in the cellar until the next January, where it is consolidated into tank for blending.

This wine is not fined or filtered.

Technical Details:

Alcohol: 13.5
VA: 0.56g/L
TA: 5.5g/L
RS: 0.40g/L
pH: 3.59
Clones: 114, 115 & MV6. Planted 1999