A Rodda Willow Lake Chardonnay (2019)

750mL / Yarra Valley, VIC / Australia

$ 40.00 In a mixed 12
$ 45.00 In a mixed 6
$ 50.00 Single
Category: Wine
Sub-Category: White Wine

About Adrian Rodda

Adrian Rodda spent the first half of his career working with David Bicknell at Oakridge where he was involved in the development of the superb Oakridge 864 Chardonnay.

At the start of 2010 he and wife Christie, a doctor, decided to move to Beechworth and Adrian began making Chardonnay from the Smith's vineyard (planted in 1978, before Giaconda and Sorrenberg et al.).

Adrian continued to take fruit from Willow Lake Vineyard (one of the original upper-Yarra vineyards planted in 1979) and in 2017 managed to win the Halliday Chardonay Challenge with his 2017 Willow Lake Chardonnay.

Since 2014 Adrian has added a third Chardonnay from the Baxendale vineyard, planted in 1985 at 600m above sea-level in Whitlands.

Tasting notes:

A Rodda Willow lake chardonnay is a great wine with the taste of lemon and grapefruit and the scent of citrusy fruit and has a nice oak finish. It is best paired with pork or rich fish (Salmon).