Morin-Langaran Picpoul de Pinet Étiquette Noire / 2021 / 750mL
Category: Wine
Sub-Category: White Wine

They say Picpoul is the ideal grape with Oysters but also with cheese and chocolate.

We say it is super tasty and can fit in every occasion - no wonder it is one of our most popular wines in the fridges!

Tasting Notes:

A crisp, balanced floral white wine driven by minerality, acidity and saline characteristics.

Delicate notes of stone fruit, apples and melon that lingers on the palate.

Criminally overlooked - this wine is the perfect accompliment to seafood.

Wine making:

Piquepoul is the latest grape of the vineyard. It is harvested at the end of September and even sometimes at the beginning of October.

Night harvest in order to preserve aromas and freshness.

Immediate pressing and cold settling at a very low temperature.

Fermentation is achieved under controlled temperature. No stirring of lees on this quality to reach a saline finish and liveliness.

Food match:

Shellfish, grilled fish, aperitif, sushi, fish and scallop carpacio but also with cheese and chocolate

Recommended Serving temperaure:

Between 8 and 10°C


Clay and limestone

Grape variety:


About Domaine Morin Langaran:

Near the Bassin de Thau and running along the Via Domitia, Domaine Morin Langaran has existed since 1330 at which time it belonged to the Order of the Knights of the Holy Spirit.

During the religious wars, monks abandoned their possessions and families to ensure its upkeep.

In 1595 François Engarran acquired the domaine and gave it's current name Domaine Morin Langaran and the estate stayed in the Engarran family until 1652.

At the end of the First French Empire and with the rise in popularity of Picpoul, the life and wines of the estate expanded rapidly.

In 1896 and 1897, the Despetis family represented Domaine de Langaran for Picpoul and Clairette.

Legend has it that the Empress Eugénie tried to buy this property as a secondary home.

In 1966 the Morin family became owners of the estate.

Following after her father Albert, Caroline, a young and dynamic winemaker, brings out the best of this excellent terroir in wines with much finesse and a lovely minerality.