Crawford River Young Vines Riesling / 2021 / 750mL
Category: Wine
Sub-Category: White Wine

There is nothing Young about these vines anymore.

The vineyard was planted in 2000 and Crawford River still sees a stylistic difference between the juice of the original blocks of fruit they planted in 1975 so they continue to make this Young Vines Riesling to express the different styles produced from the two plantings.

Tasting Notes:

Delicious orange citrus notes and a stone-like mineral element are a terrific introduction.

These qualities proceed to the palate, together with bright, red apple and a powdery talc note.

The palate is crisp and clean, while maintaining the rounded quality of white stone fruit, coupled with chalky texture and a clean, bright line of acidity.

A mouth-watering, lingering finish completes the drinkability factor.

Winery Notes:

The fruit was carefully hand harvested and taken to the winery in pristine condition.

For the 'Young Vines', the team at Crawford River whole bunch pressed some fruit in addition to crushing some, Belinda believes this 'adds a more fruit forward element on the nose and front palate'.

The juice goes straight into tank where it is settled for four days, it is then racked to remove it from gross lees prior to fermentation.

Fermentation starts soon after and care is taken to keep it cool at around 14°C.

After fermentation is complete the wine is held on fine lees for a minimum of 8 weeks which Belinda notes 'is very important for the textural element of the wine - A hallmark of our Riesling'.

About Crawford River Vineyard:

In 2000, Crawford River added a block of Riesling to their original plantings from the 1970's.

Although the vines are no longer so young, they still notice a significant stylistic difference between these vineyards and as such choose to bottle them separately.

The vineyard lies at the alluvial edge of a volcanic lava flow. Its roots are in a complex, mineral - rich soil base. Gravelly, friable, basalt loam overlays permeable clay which in turn lies above a limestone base created by an ancient, risen seabed.