WineWednesday: Our Drop Of The Week

Welcome to #WineWednesday where the lads here at Booze Hound give you run down one #wine that we are loving at the moment:

Bellevue Estate Shiraz (2013) - $25

Dan, Booze Hound founder and eternal optimist:

"I absolutely love this drop and can not stop drinking it. Soft, rounded, delightful. This is a seriously good every day drinking Shiraz. Actually, come to think of it, I haven't liked a wine this much in a very long time. I might buy the lot before you can get any delivered to you."

Matt, Booze Hound manager and wine realist:

"This is a great drop. Not the sort of caliber you're going to get from the very top echelon of Shiraz wines, but a very nice entry level red. Just a step above the $20 range in the shiraz varietal, as it has that touch more elegance and softness on the palate than an ordinary shiraz."

Gabe, Booze Hound student/stinge:

"I dropped the coin for this once and the wine impressed me, but realistically I always go for the Finca El Origen at $15. I am, after all, the stingy student of the crew."

Andrew, Booze Hound wine wanker:

"I don't drink wines that are under $35. Even if they are trade samples. Don't waste my time on this."

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