Booze Hound FYI - Is alcohol delivery illegal in Sydney?

Since hearing about Booze Hound, a lot of people have asked us about the legalities of alcohol delivery. Of course our response is to naturally say that we are a group of high-profile banditos with a mission to overthrow the government and outlaw Sydney's archaic, boring alcohol restrictions! 

If only we could be bandito dogs
A bandito dog, we are not.

But alas, we found a way to deliver the Eastern Suburbs' beer, wine and spirits supply in a fully legal manner. We won't bore you with the details but the restrictions mainly cover these four things:

We Need a Liquor License to Deliver to You

Unfortunately, if you were thinking of starting your own alcohol delivery service, you're going to have to drop a bit more cash than you would have otherwise hoped. Our packaged liquor license is something that allows us to deliver express to you. If you don't believe us, our liquor license is #350261. Take that!

We Cannot Accept Cash On Delivery

This is a very grey area of liquor delivery laws. No one really knows. We called the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) and they told us to ask our lawyer. We called our lawyer and they said best be safe and not accept cash. So get those credit cards ready!


Yes, we know. The NSW government has hammered alcohol in the last couple of years and packaged liquor is no exception. Unfortunately, no we cannot deliver booze to you after 10pm even if you pay before 10pm. It sucks for everyone involved but let's not dwell on it. Our old mates Jimmy Brings weren't too happy about it as you can see in this article.

We Need An RSA And We Need To Enforce It

Of course, the same laws apply for serving you at home as they do for serving you in a bottle shop. IDs have to be checked if you look under 25 and we will use our discretion to decide whether or not we can serve you.

Other than that, we're 100% legal. So why be a bandito dog when you can be a good hound? See how very good we are by giving us a yell!

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