Ischia Sapori Rucolino Amaro

700mL / Campania / Italy

Category: Liqueur
Sub-Category: Amaro & bitters

Ischia Island is volcanic located on the West Coast of Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples about 30 kilometres from the city of Naples.  It is almost entirely mountainous, with a lot of green tufa (green volcanic rock), and the highest peak is Mount Epomeo at 788 metres.

Tasting Notes:

"Rucolino" Amaro alla Rucola is made from two types of Arugula (also known as Rucola - hence the name Rucolino) leaves along with citrus peel, herbs, and roots that grow on the island of which each give different flavour profiles to this liqueur - Riccia which has strong bitterish flavours and Vellutata with smoother flavours.

Dark amber colour with citrus, cedar and caramel aromas and a bright flavour profile with a joyful bitter aftertaste.


The Aragula leaves and roots are infused in alcohol and macerated for 40 days with citrus peel and other herbs.


Up to 5 years

Technical Details:

Alc: 30%

Serving Suggestion:

As is straight from the fridge or a dash in an espresso and cocktails