Derbusco Cives Franciacorta

Franciacorta is a hilly area in Lombardy, bounded to the north by the shores of lake Iseo, to the south by Mount Orfano, to the east by rocky, morainic hills and to the west by the left bank of the river Oglio.

It has an area of about 200 square kilometres and comprises 19 municipalities in the province of Brescia, a territory that enjoys an incredible wealth in minerals, a fundamental feature for quality agriculture. The favorable climate, the minerals and the particular structure of the ground create optimum conditions for cultivating vines.

There is no historical record as to the name “FRANCIACORTA” but the most accredited theory to date is that the term derives from “curtes francae”, in Italian “corti franche”, meaning areas exempt from the payment of taxes. In the Upper Middle Ages, small communities of Benedictine monks had settled in the area in question, dedicating themselves to the reclamation of the fields and the cultivation of the land. Thanks to this activity they were exempted from the payment of duties for the trade in their produce.

In 1995 Franciacorta was granted DOCG(Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) status, the highest recognition of quality and typical nature of origin. The production according to the Franciacorta Method, perfected by the Supervisory Consortium, has its special guidelines, which further enhance the quality.

What a great expression Franciacorta!

Yeast, fresh aromas of bread, lemongrass, camomille.

Sensational length - delicious!




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