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Dry Zero / 350mL / Cans

This is the real Japanese import - a super dry beer that has always been associated with crisp Asian quality with zero alcohol


Zero / Non-alcoholic / 375mL

Great Northern Brewing Company

Zero Alcohol Beer / 0% Non-Alcoholic / 330mL / Bottles

Heaps Normal

Quiet XPA / 375mL / Cans

Heaps Normal

Another Lager / 375mL / Cans

Heaps Normal

Half Day Hazy Pale Ale / 375mL / Cans

Heaps Normal

Coffee Run Stout / 375mL / Cans

Heineken Lager

ZERO Non-Alcoholic Lager / 330mL

A full-bodied premium lager with a delicate hop and malt aroma.

A mild bitter taste and a balanced hop aroma leaving a crisp, clean finish.

Basically good clean beer - enjoy it where you can!

Hiatus Beers

Pacific Ale / Non Alcoholic / 375mL / Can

Crisp and refreshing, with citrusy hops and a satisfyingly dry finish.

Malt Star

Non Alcoholic Malt Beer / 330mL


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