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Chateau Montifaud

VS Cognac / 700mL

Older than the regulation asks, this VS sets the tone of what we can find in the Chateau Montifaud range: light yellow colour, vine flower and fruity taste of pear, apple; powerful but round, supple and smooth.

Not aggressive on the palate, no bitterness, and not too much tannin.

Chateau Montifaud

VSOP Cognac / 700mL

Much older than the minimum of 4 years of ageing required by the regulation, this VSOP is the best seller of the Cha?teau Montifaud range.

Golden color, not too light or too complex, a perfect balance, structure and already great length on the palate.

Lots of finesse, notes of vineyard flower but evolution to dried flowers, some fruits also (pear, apricot), this VSOP is very round, mellow and fine on the palate.

Chateau Montifaud

Napoleon Cognac / 700mL

Older than the regulation asks, you will be seduced by our Napoleon.

This Cognac is a special quality: between VSOP and XO in the general ageing classification of Cognac, this cognac has also a special position in the Chateau Montifaud range; amber colour, notes of dry flowers, vanilla (very present), prune and dried fruits.

Chateau Montifaud

XO Cognac / 700mL

Copper colour, outstanding aromas: very complex nuances of dry flowers and dry fruits.

Hints of nuts and spices. Very soft tanins with an amazing and mellow but long length on the palate.

Chateau Montifaud

Napoleon Cigare Special Cognac / 700mL


With a higher percentage, those that can appreciate a fine cigar and Cognac can look no further, as this will cut through the smoke and tannins with its robust flavour.

Chateau Montifaud

L50 Cognac / 700mL

Enjoying this cognac will take you back to the past to meet the previous generations of the Vallet family and share their secret...

Matured to 50 years minimum.


VSOP Cognac / 700mL

$ 88.00 Single
$ 82.00 Mixed 6


Cognac XO / 700mL


'H' by Hine Cognac / 700mL


Antique XO Cognac / 700mL

Normandin Mercier

La Peraudiere Grande Champagne Cognac / 500mL


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