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Champagne Forest-Marié

Brut de Blancs / NV / 750mL

A Blanc de Blancs cuvée grown across diverse sites of 1er cru Chardonnay vineyards in Trigny and Ecuiel.

Champagne Forest-Marié

Cuvèe Saint-Crespin / NV / 750mL

A golden color with amber highlights. A charming and elegant nose exhales a palette of yellow-fleshed fruit (plums and almonds fresh apricots). Lively attack. A well-balanced wine with generous apricot notes. The finish is marked by notes of ripe plums and quince paste.

Champagne Forest-Marié

1er Cru Millesime / 2008 / 750mL

Premier Cru 'Vieilles Vignes' (Old vines) from Ecueil. An exceptional Cuvée composed of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir.

Champagne Gatinois

Grand Cru Brut Tradition / NV / 750mL

A pleasant compromise in fruitiness and finesse, a nice roundness and aromas of ripe fruit evolving into toasted notes - a Champagne of class!

Champagne Gatinois

Grand Cru Millésimé / 2012 / 750mL

Another great vintage from Gatinois - richness gradually deploying its gourmet aromas of red fruits in a rich and silky finish

Champagne Geoffroy

Volupté / 2015 / 750mL

Champagne Laherte Frères

Ultradition Brut / NV / 750mL

BD and organic fruit. Ultradition is a blend of 60 per cent Pinot Meunier, 30 per cent Chardonnay and 10 per cent Pinot Noir from parcels across the Côteaux Sud d'Epernay, Vallée de la Marne and Côte des Blancs. Aurèlien ferments the wines in a mixture of foudres, tanks and barrels, always on lees.

$ 83.00 Single
$ 78.00 In a mixed 6
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Champagne Laherte Frères

Les Vignes d'Autrefois / 2019 / 750mL

An expressive Champagne, intertwining vibrant fruitiness with a nuanced minerality, creating an engaging and approachable tasting experience.

Champagne Laherte Frères

Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature (Base 20. Disg 23) / NV / 750mL


An expressive Champagne, intertwining vibrant fruitiness with a nuanced minerality, creating an engaging and approachable tasting experience.

Champagne Lallier

Grand Rose Grand Cru / NV / 750mL

Champagne Lallier

Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru / NV / 750mL


An encounter between two expressive Chardonnays, blending the unique intensity of Aÿ’s grapes with the purity of Côte des Blancs’ to create an unprecedented Champagne expression.


Cultivated with 100% Chardonnay grapes from two magnificent grand cru regions: Aÿ and the Côtes des Blancs (Avize, Cramant, Oger), an approach pioneered in the late 90s by James Lallier, at a time when Chardonnay was chosen exclusively from Côte des Blancs. Perfectly timed harvesting to ensure that the grapes used in Blanc de Blancs Champagne are fully matured and at their pinnacle. Inspired by Lallier’s sincere respect and outstanding understanding of terroir, this pure Chardonnay is grown on chalky hillside plots, allowing the vine’s roots to penetrate deeper, providing excellent drainage, yet still retaining sufficient moisture for nourishment. A tribute to the legendary Champagne terroir.


An unusual, innovative blend of two complementary but distinct Chardonnays – comprising of grapes from the Côte des Blancs, known for its purity, and the Aÿ region, offering atypical intensity.


Citrusy, Fresh and Mineral


Light yellow with emerald reflections.


Floral notes of hawthorn, acacia, vine flower, with accents of hazelnut, praline and caressing pastry flavors.


Lead with characteristic Chardonnay purity and freshness with tender generosity and delicate power from Aÿ’s grape influence. Tense and mineral, finish reflective of the chalky terroir. Fresh citrusy length with notes of lemon and yuzu.

Champagne Lallier

R019 Brut / NV / 750mL

Bole yet delicate fruitiness, and silky texture - long and deep aromatic finish.

Champagne Laurent Perrier

Brut / Kosher / NV / 750mL

Laurent Perrier Kosher Brut NV is a medium bodied perfectly balanced champagn with a soft mouthfeel that belies the strong structure of the wine. Finishes clean yet delicately lingers.

Made to comply with strict Jewish dietary guidelines from harvest to bottling.

Champagne Laurent Perrier

Ultra Brut / NV / 750mL

Champagne in it's purest form!  Laurent Perrier are the pioneer of the Brut Nature category! ie No Added Sugar

Intense and complex on the nose with a wide range of aromas including citrus and white fruits, honeysuckle flowers and iodine notes which give off an impression of freshness.

Champagne Laurent Perrier

La Cuvée Rosé / NV / 750mL

Intensely fruity flavours with a clean, well-defined and crisp, fresh taste.

Provides an impression of plunging into a gasket of freshly picked red berries: strawberries, Morello cherries, blackcurrants and raspberries.

Champagne Laurent Perrier

La Cuvée / NV / 750mL

After 15 years of experimentation, Laurent-Perrier have launched their new La Cuvee which has replaced the Brut NV with even more finess and elegance than their previous awesome champagne.

With over 50% of Chardonnay, nearly double the average in Champagne, this is a unique personality for a brut Champagne.

Champagne Laurent Perrier

La Cuvée Rosé / NV / 1500mL

Laurent Perrier Brut NV is a medium bodied and very easy to drink champagne.

Perfectly balanced: a soft mouthfeel belies the strong structure of the wine. Finishes clean yet delicately lingers.

This is one of our more popular champagnes and for good reason!

$ 380.00 Single
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Champagne Laurent Perrier

Brut Millésimé Vintage / 2012 / 750mL

Laurent-Perrier Brut Millésimé (Vintage Brut) is an exceptional wine and while it maintains the signature style of the House's wines, it reflects the unique characteristics of the vintage year.

Champagne Laurent Perrier

Grand Siècle No.25 / Multi-Vintage / 750mL

Tasty and developed, Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle brings a feeling of fullness which satisfies the palate. The beautiful minerality leaves an outstanding sensation of freshness.

This is one of the 100 wines that should be on your bucket list!

Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle offers a perfect balance between strength and delicacy.

Champagne Le Brun de Neuville

"Cote Blanche" Blanc de Blancs / NV / 750mL

We discovered Le Brun de Neuville Blanc de Blancs NV Champagne at a major Champagne event and it was delicious - what a great price for such quality!

A palate that is soft and fresh with sensations of citrus pulp, apple, and pear flesh, enhanced by zesty aromas which bring freshness to the whole


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