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Chardonnay / 2012 / 750mL

$ 26.00 Single
$ 23.40 Mixed 6
$ 20.80 Mixed 12


Shiraz / 2006 / 750mL

$ 25.00 Single
$ 22.50 Mixed 6
$ 20.00 Mixed 12


Cabernet Sauvignon / 2005 / 750mL

What a fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon - Rookery Cabernet Sauvignon has aged very well - chocolate texture but savoury (not sweet) - delicious!  Incredible at this price.

$ 25.00 Single
$ 22.50 Mixed 6
$ 20.00 Mixed 12


Freedom Organic Preservative Free GSM / 2021 / 750mL

Certified Organic Grenache 35%, Shiraz 35%, Mourvedre, 30% - unfiltered, zero sulfites - clean “strawberries and cream” of early-picked Grenache with the bold pepper and spice of ripe Shiraz and the earthy depth and soft tannin of Mourvedre


Freedom Organic Preservative Free Shiraz / 2021 / 750mL

Organic, unfiltered, no sulfites - give this wine a little air and enjoy the brusk aromas, flavours and tannins!


Vin de Garage No12 / 2021 / 750mL

A crisp, low-alcohol, phenolic white blend orange wine of Chardonnay and Vermentino - quality at a good price!


Vin de Garage No13 'Beau Joli' / 2021 / 750mL

An organic, zero sulfite, soft tannin, juicy light red wine made in the traditional “semi-carbonic-maceration” fermentation, as is done with Gamay in the french Beaujolais, except here with warm climate Shiraz, Mourvedre, Grenache and Carignan.

Ross Hill

Pinnacle Series Chardonnay / 2020 / 750mL

Pale ruby in colour with rich, ripe red berries and subtle spices.

This wine has fantastic length with a great line of acidity.

With its silky texture, ample structure and layers of complexity, this elegant wine will improve in the cellar for many years.


Yarra Valley Pinot Noir / 2021 / 750mL


Upper Yarra Valley Arlo's Pinot Noir / 2020 / 750mL


Strawberry Fields Pinot Meunier / 2020 / 750mL

Round Two

Shiraz / 2017 / 750mL

Round Two

Grenache / 2016 / 750mL

A generously flavoured and affordable wine courtesy of the Barossa Valley 

Rudolf Fürst

Spätburgunder 'Tradition' / 2015 / 750mL

Arguably the greatest producer of Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) in Germany, the wines of Rudolf Fürst have received critical acclaim both domestically and internationally.

Generous flavours of ripe cherry and spices - a textured wine with great length.


Argeo Prosecco DOC / 750mL

This wine has a light straw colour with greenish hints and a perfect clarity criss-crossed by a minute, rich and persistent perlage.

The bouquet is honest, elegant and filled with flowery hints which come together in a balanced whole alongside the variety’s characteristic fruity notes with intense aromas recalling yellow apple.

In the mouth it is fresh, delicate and balanced, lightly alcoholic with a long fruity finish.

Sailor Seeks Horse

Pinot Noir / 2020 / 750mL


A beautiful savoury pinot noir with earthy structure and particularly for this vintage, an oustanding tannin structure.

Saint Aix

Rose / 2020 / 1500mL

Saint Aix

Rose / 2020 / 6L

Saint Aix

Rose / 2020 / 3L

Saint Aix

Rose / 2018 / 15L


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